10+ Best Iceland Wedding Photographers for 2019


This is a one stop directory for all you need to plan the ultimate Iceland wedding. We have experience in hundreds of elopements and weddings and want nothing more than to show you the beauty that is Iceland while you and your partner create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

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dylan m howell

1. Dylan M Howell (photographer)

My name is Dylan and I’ve been a wedding photographer for the past 8 years. Documenting hundreds of weddings and elopements in some of the most incredibly gorgeous little corners of the world. I’m often asked why I shoot weddings and the answer is simple. There is no better workplace. Where else are you surrounded by love, beauty, happiness and joy every time you go to work?
Website: https://dylanmhowell.com/
Price: Starts at $4500 

2. Jess Woodhouse (photographer)

My approach to wedding photography is simple. My goal is to allow the couples I work with to feel at ease on a very important day of their lives. I take a journalistic approach and let the day unfold naturally; capturing moments with a truthful and unique perspective.

The natural beauty of the outdoors is a huge inspiration for me. I grew up exploring the mountains and lakes of Idaho. When I’m not working I’m usually cuddling my two cats or riding my bike around.

Website: https://jesswoodhouse.com/
Price: Starts at $4500

adventure instead

3. Adventure Instead (photographers)

Hi! I’m Maddie Mae! I’m addicted to travel and adventure in new places—finding secret hikes and driving down unmarked dirt roads. My partner is from Scotland and we have traveled to a combined total of over 75 countries— I prefer tent-camping to hotels, public busses and walking to taxis, and sketchy street food to 5-star restaurants.
Website: https://adventureinstead.com/
Price: Starts at $8000 

4. White in Revery (videographers)

White In Revery began 6 years ago in the sunny little city of Orlando, FL. Calen and Kristine picked up a camera and quickly fell in love with filmmaking, especially with weddings because of how passionate they were about love, relationships, friendships, and family.
Years later, they packed up and moved to Colorado, where they met Colton and Levi. Their talent and excitement for filmmaking and photography made it an easy choice to add them both to the team.

Website: https://www.whiteinrevery.com/
Price: Starts at $6500

jesse from golden hour studios

5. Golden Hour Studios (photographer)

I keep things simple. I love the outdoors. I love traveling.
I love taking photos. I have the best job in the world. I married my high school sweetheart and we travel the world. We also created a human. I make dad jokes now.
Website: https://goldenhourstudios.com/
Price: Starts at $5500 

6. A Fist Full of Bolts (photographers)

We’re not much for talking about ourselves, but it turns out it’s really important. it’s important because if we get the chance to work together—the chance to find exactly the right way to capture the life, spirit, and joy of your wedding day—we’re going to need to get to know one another. we’ll go first: we love documenting life with a creative eye, whether we’re working with couples, on assignment for the wall street journal, or just wandering with our cameras.

Website: https://afistfullofbolts.com/
Price: Starts at $6500

a fist full of bolts photography

7. Bang Bang Academy (Super 8 Videographers)

We are a team of analog film makers. It’s our mission to bring back the magic and charm of films in a simple, elegant, and organic way. We shoot with vintage super 8 film cameras, the feeling of nostalgia they create cannot be replicated any other way. Collectively, we have more than 20 years experience photographing weddings, and we’re bringing all of that knowledge here, for you. For your moments, and your memories, and your film. 
Website: https://www.bangbang.academy/
Price: Starts at $3500 

8. Benj Haisch (photographer)

I’m a big fan of morning walks for coffee with my family, the great outdoors, hiking, good music, sunny days, last minute trips, and apple products. I love Jesus, my wife, my son Oslo, film cameras, teaching, playing music, traveling, experiencing new cultures, my family, and helping others.

As a husband, I firmly believe in marriage and want to do my best to capture all that it means to get married and to celebrate that with you through photography.

Website: http://benjhaisch.com
Price: Starts at $5250

benj haisch portrait
james frost photography

9. James Frost (photographer)

My name is James Frost. I am an International Award Winning Wedding Photographer from West Sussex, UK. I spent my younger years growing up in Spain. Inspired by my Gran-dad, this is where my passion for photography started. It wasn’t long before i picked up my own camera and fell in love with telling stories.

My approach to wedding photography is photojournalistic and discreet. I will get to know you. As a couple and as individuals. My aim is to understand who you are and the love you share. This allows me to capture you in the most honest way possible.

Website: https://www.jamesfrostphotoblog.com
Price: Starts at $8000 

10. Pat Furey (photographer)

Pat Furey Photography is equal parts Pat Furey and Claire Hudson. We’re here to give you our perspective on whatever is in front of our cameras. Usually, beautifully creative and loving couples on the best day of their lives.

Who we are and what we’ve absorbed through our life experiences are important in how and why we create wedding images. Documenting your love in a stylish, editorially charged manner, while carefully highlighting the honest connection between two people is what drives us to create. We’re wedding photographers for people who don’t necessarily like typical wedding images; our goal together is to elevate and create images that transcend the genre, more reminiscent of a fashion spread in your favorite magazine.

We’re eager to create what will soon become your most valued family heirloom – your amazing wedding images.

Website: https://patfureyblog.com/
Price: Starts at $8000

pat furey photography
iceland plane wedding photo

9. Studio 22 (photographer)

Growing up in the midwest, I played basketball, snowboarded, and loved to travel and connect with others all over the globe. My love of adventure and one chance, game time decisions has found its way into my career today as a destination wedding photographer, as I love the opportunities to connect with amazing couples, catch the fleeting moments of a fast paced wedding day, and have a ridiculously good time doing it. At home, I’m convinced I have the two best guys in the world under my roof with me in my husband and son, and we have a hilariously opinionated French Bulldog named Hamilton (Yes, after the musical. My son named him), who thinks he rules the house (which, don’t tell my husband, but he kind of does).

My goal as a destination wedding photographer is to capture your moments — the energy, the excitement, and the raw emotions that come from such an exciting day as starting your life with the person you want by your side as your partner for the rest of the crazy adventures you find yourselves on. Those memories are so very precious, and they deserve to be captured with the authenticity that is YOU. So take a deep breath. Don’t stress. I got you. Whether it be problem solving on the day, being an advocate for you, or simply teaching you how to do the most epic champagne spray ever for the sake of a photo (yes…this is a skill that I proudly boast and can teach you), my hope is that I can be an asset to you during your wedding planning, your wedding day, and beyond. Because come on…at some point you’re going to need to be reminded how to throw that champagne shower down.

So hey, if you think we could have fun wandering together or throwing down the wobble on the dance floor, all while creating bold, fearless photos that show your true selves, let’s connect. I want to hear about how we can create images that are uniquely you, tell your story, and celebrate your lives.

Website: https://www.choosestudio22.com/
Pricing: starts at $4500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Iceland weddings, elopements, and proposals.

Heck yes. It’s quite easy for foreigners to get married in Iceland. Both people must be at least 18 years old and not already married. If you’ve been previously married, you must just provide a proof of divorce. –Source

What Eloping Couples Will Need to Do
  1. Bring valid passports and attach both partners’ birth certificates to your marriage application form. 
  2. Bring proof of legal stay in Iceland, e.g. a plane ticket or passport stamp.
  3. Both parties have to be 18 and cannot be married elsewhere already.
What to Wear to an Iceland Destination Wedding
  • Boots and Suits (meaning nice on top for photos and rugged on the bottom to navigate comfortably through the terrain).
  • Ladies, I would encourage you to wear something nice with FLAT shoes / boots. …
  • Overall, if you are attending a wedding we have personally planned, you will need hiking boots and waterproof outerwear.

Iceland is the second-largest European island by area (101,826 km²). The top 10 European islands by area are: Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Severny Island, Spitsbergen, Yuzhny Island, Sicily, Sardinia, Nordaustlandet, Cyprus.

In summer, there’s midnight sun and the temperature gets a little hotter! But if you want to hike, the best season is July and August.” David Philips of our supplier Astronomy Tours shares his tips on the best time to visit Iceland: “February, March, September and October are typically best for the Northern Lights.


  • Gljúfrabúi. While its neighbouring waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss are undoubtedly romantic and picturesque, the hidden Gljúfrabúi (Cave Dweller) is infinitely more private. …
  • Langjökull Ice Tunnel. …
  • Þingvellir National Park. …
  • Ásbyrgi Canyon. …
  • Grótta. …
  • Diamond Beach at Jökulsárlón. …
  • Snæfellsjökull.


In 2018, the population of Iceland was up to 337,780. The population is almost completely urban, with Reykjavik being the largest city.